We live in a volatile world and can easily become distracted by how good we have it in America. There is no doubt whatsoever that Satan is at work in our culture, our government, and even in our homes and churches. Regardless of this we are called to press toward the mark for the high calling of our Lord. 

Throughout the Bible we see single men and women being used mightily of God to lead his people and work in even the highest echelons of society and government as vessels of His will. In many cases, unmarried Christians have opportunities to serve God in ways that are either not available or at least far more difficult for married Christians who are attached to other commitments that God has called them too. 

This conference 
aims to encourage our single brothers and sisters and stir up their minds by way of remembrance that God needs them in the battle for truth. 

We hope your church will join us in extending an invitation to your single men and women in hopes that they will attend and find fellowship and encouragement among other single Christian men and women from across the Midwest and across the country.

Discounted Hotel Group Rate: 

Comfort Inn Near Six Flags
1320 Thornton St.
Pacific, MO 63060

(636) 257-4601

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