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May 26-30, 2021




Pastor Jason Demlow has served as Senior Pastor of Plack Road Baptist Church since June, 2013. He was born again in March of 1995, as a 19 year old young man, at Bible Baptist Church in Grand Forks, ND. (Pastor Mike Custer). Two years later, he surrendered to the call of God on his life to be a preacher of the Gospel. After graduating in 2000 from Northland Baptist Bible Institute (the pastoral/missionary training institute at BBC, GF) with a degree in Theology, he continued to serve the Lord in his local church until 2003. At that time, Pastor Demlow joined the church staff of BBC as Assistant Pastor. He served under Pastor Custer for the next 10 years in many different ministries, gaining further training and experience. In late 2012, Plack Road Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Gene Humphrey (who faithfully pastored PRBC for 30 years), called Pastor Demlow, asking him to consider taking the pastorate. After the Lord made it abundantly clear that this was His perfect will, Plack Road Baptist Church voted to install Pastor Demlow as its senior pastor in June of 2013.

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George Wyatt


The Wyatt family has been in South Africa since 1980, planting
churches.  They are sent out of Bible Baptist Church in Grand Forks, ND.  Mike Custer is their pastor. They have started several churches and have trained pastors and men in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria. He is now training which will one day travel to Malawi,  Zimbabwe and South Africa.  The Wyatt family loves what they do, where God has called them and look forward to what God has in store for the future.




     Brother Scott Poling is a missionary to Germany, sent out of New Testament Baptist Church in Larimore, ND.  Scott and Kris Poling moved to Larimore, ND in 1993 through the United States Air Force.  After being in the Air Force since 1986, Scott came to New Testament Baptist Church believing that he was saved.  It took a few years of strong Bible preaching for the Holy Spirit of God to chip away at his heart in revealing that, what he had been clinging to since his youth, was not genuine.

     Scott was saved in 1997 and soon after, began to feel the leading of the LORD to enter Christian Education. That is when God began molding a new direction for the Poling family.

     In 1999-2000, Scott took over the leadership of New Testament Baptist Church’s K-12 Christian School.  He faithfully served eighteen years in that capacity until the LORD burdened his heart about the mission field of Berlin, Germany.  While in the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller, Scott was stationed at the Berlin Air Route Traffic Control Center.  He had the privilege of working the famed air corridors to Berlin that were established in 1948.  He was able to see History being made when the Wall between East and West came down, once again uniting East and West Berlin.

     Both Scott and Kris faithfully served many years in the ministries of NTBC.  Scott taught and led the Youth of our church and Christian School, and Kris used her talents in music, as our church accompanist.

     God used their time in the military to prepare Scott’s heart for a future ministry among the German people.  After his call to preach, the Poling’s began to prepare themselves for the mission field.  They were commissioned and sent out in July 2017, through the Authority of New Testament Baptist Church.

     God has shown Himself sufficient for the task ahead of teaching, nurturing, reaching and establishing a scriptural church in the very needy and dark city of Berlin.


Corey Rowley


Brother Corey Rowley is a missionary to Papua New Guinea, sent out of Bible Baptist Church in Duncan, OK.  Brother Rowley was saved in July 2006, and surrendered to the Lord in October 2010 to do whatever the Lord had for him and to preach the word wherever the Lord led. He graduated in May 2017 with a bachelors degree in Missions. He has served in his local church as a Sunday school superintendent, Sunday School teacher, deacon, and in preaching. He was a chaplain at a nearby Veterans Center.  Between 2014-2018, Brother Rowley made 3 missions trips to Papua New Guinea. The Lord began dealing with his heart from the first trip, and after his last trip, he returned home with the knowledge that the Lord had called him to PNG. He began part time deputation in March 2019, and was able to go full time in October 2019.



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